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Puppy Classes

Essentials for puppy development

between 9 & 18 weeks

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Vet Recommended

Puppy Training Course 

Socialise, training & problem prevention

Pup1 - Foundation Level - For puppies up to 18 weeks

Cost: £86.00 4 week course

Our 4 week Puppy training course is specially designed to provide families with all the essential skills and education needed for your puppy's early development. These puppy classes includes a short social session on week one to make sure all puppies have had a chance to build some social confidence incase they have been unable to attend the social sessions before class. The rest of the course is training and problem prevention using reward based methods. We have a maximum of 5 puppies in a class with 2 instructors, and our puppy classes are carefully managed  to provide a calm fun class with the best results in just 4 weeks!


What will you and your puppy learn in the classes?

- Handling (for health, grooming, towelling etc)

- Attention 

- Sits and Downs

- Combatting Puppy Biting

- Stay

- Recall

- Walking with a loose lead

- Combating Jumping up

- Leaving items

- Combatting Stealing

- Toy play and drop

Places are limited on our courses so please book your place as soon as you can to avoid disapointment.

For any further information on puppy training click here.

Or book your place below. 

Puppy Socials 

Socialise play & explore

For puppies up to 14 weeks

Venue: Seale Village Hall, Farnham

Time: Sunday Mornings

Cost: £20.00 per single session

Puppies have a critical period during their development when they must socialise and build confidence. It is a very short window and ends at 16 weeks. Canine kids run specialised puppy classes purely for socialisation and confidence building. These social sessions are carefully constructed and well managed to provide positive social interactions during this critical time. Learn how to socialise your puppy well and how to read your puppies in a situation. These social puppy classes are also full of enrichment exercises and novel objects to explore and build confidence. 

For further information on puppy socials click here.

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Puppy Home Visits

One to one, training & problem solving

Cost: £85.00 1hr-11/2hrs session


Package: £225.00 for a course of 3


One to one puppy training sessions are available if it is not convenient to come to classes or you need to iron out specific puppy issues or want intensive or accelerated training results. Sessions can be arranged at a time that suits you. Common issues tackled are Puppy Biting, House Training, Separation issues and sleeping at night, stealing and recall along with basic training.

To book your one to one sessions please contact us directly by phone or email.


"A delight to attend"

“Superbly researched, tested, and structured puppy training. Karen and Sarah make the classes a delight to attend passing on their knowledge at every opportunity. I have trained two collies with them in the last 5 years and very much advocate their method.”

Brian Herbert & Rosie the Border Collie


"Patient, gentle & Supportive Instructors"

“These guys are fantastic! Karen and Sarah are patient, gentle, supportive and their training is brilliant! All positive treat based.. small classes, explanations and loads of practice. Always there to answer questions. Couldn't rate more highly.”

Lucy Rowes & Edith the Cocker Spaniel


"Everyday Skills"

“These lessons have been invaluable to train our rescue puppy. The skill staught have been useful in everyday life and all sorts of situations. Karen and her team are great trainers and I would highly recommend!”

Pippa Needs & Indie the Rescue Pup

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