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Puppy Socials

Socialisation, exploration and confidence building

for pups up to 15 weeks


Why are our carefully run Puppy Socials beneficial? 



PREVENTION OF SOCIAL ISSUES is the number one benefit. A puppy's critical period of socialisation is extremely limited and ends at approximately 16 weeks. Socialising your puppy with other dogs, people and children before 16 weeks is a critical part of their development to ensure a good level of social confidence and prevention of fear and aggression issues. Exposure to different environments, sounds and objects and building confidence is also very important during this time.

Our social sessions provide exposure to other puppies, people and children in a safe controlled environment. It can be very difficult to access and expose young puppies to the social stimulus they need prior to completion of their vaccinations due to the risks of contact to unknown grounds and dogs. You can start our puppy socials 8 days after their first vaccination enabling very early exposure when they are at their most receptive time. 

CONFIDENCE BUILDING. Puppies are let off the lead one at a time to allow time to build confidence with other puppies. Some puppies are more nervous and need longer while others may initiate play and can enjoy a short monitored play interaction if another puppy reciprocates. All interactions are supervised carefully watching and discussing body language yo ensure the puppies are having a positive experince and owners are learning how their puppy is feeling and what is appropriate. Puppies also have access to a variety of novel objects and surfaces to explore and build confidence with.

Venue: Seale Village Hall, Farnham

Time: Sunday Mornings

Cost: £20.00 per single session

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