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Puppy Classes in Camberley

Essentials for early puppy development

Vet Recommended

Tuesday Evenings  between 6.00pm and 9.00pm
 St Martins Church Hall, Upper College Ride, Camberley



Canine kids run a variety of puppy classes in Camberley including Puppy Socialisation and training, adolescent, advanced and one to one. All classes are run by Professional Behaviour Counsellor Karen Lockey-Kennedy and her team of APDT instructors. Classes have a maximum of 5 puppies to ensure a good level of individual attention along with maintaining a calm environment to learn in. Canine kids use the most modern methods of training and combine reward based training with an extensive understanding of canine behaviour, learning theory and psychology. 

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Puppy Classes held in the Camberley venue

Pup 1 Puppy Socialisation & Training
Canine kids run a Puppy Socialisation and training course in Camberley every Tuesday evening. This a 4 week course and the classes are designed to give your puppy opportunity for controlled socialisation, basic training and problem prevention. This course is for puppies 18 weeks and under.  Cost £86.00


Pup 2 - Adolescent Training 
This is an intermediate level of puppy class designed to prepare you and your puppy for the challenging adolescent stage of development. We focus on Impulse control, recall from distractions, calmness around dogs and people as well as advancing your general basic obedience. This course is for puppies and dogs over 18 weeks and is 4 weeks longCost £86.00


Pup 3 - Advanced Adolescent 
This is an advanced level of training class designed to advance your focus and impulse control further teaching stays in close proximity to other dogs and emergency stops at a distance and off movement along with intensive training on heel-work every week. This is an 8 week course for puppies that have completed Pup2. Cost £86.00


One to one Puppy Home Visits

All levels of training & problem solving

Cost: £85.00 1hr-11/2hrs session


Package: £225.00 for a course of 3

One to one puppy training sessions are available as an alternative to puppy classes or if you need to iron out specific training  issues for example, excessive puppy biting, sleeping or separation issues toilet training issues. Alternatively you may want intensive or accelerated training results which one to one sessions are ideal for too. Karen travels to Camberley and all surrounding areas. 

To arrange a one to one session please call or email Karen directly.


Pippa Needs & Indie

These lessons have been invaluable to train our rescue puppy. The skills taught have been useful in everyday life and all sorts of situations. Karen and her team are great trainers and offer other bits of advice and training. I highly recommend!


Emma & Charlie

Charlie has learnt to do things we would never have expected if we hadn't done the training. The training is well structured and the trainers are very clear. Charlie has thoroughly enjoyed the weekly classes, as its challenged him mentally.


Lynda & Louis

The classes have been brilliant to teach us as new dog owners and to know how to teach our dog how to behave. We have a dog we can confidently take to have a meal or drink out.

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