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One to One Training

Bespoke and personal individual training at home and outdoors

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Vet Recommended

One to one

Accelerated obedience training & training issues 

At home or out on a walk - learning & coaching with Karen

Cost: £85.00 1hr-1hr1/2

Package of 3 sessions: £225.00


One to one training sessions are ideal for tackling specific training issues or accelerating and enhancing your general obedience training with your puppy or dog. Whether it is during the early developmental stage such as introducing basic training, addressing puppy biting, toilet training or separation issues or during adolescence or adulthood you may need to solve problems like recall, pulling on the lead and jumping up. The one to one training sessions can be specifically tailored to your own individual needs. Karen will work through the training  with you and plan exercises  and coach you through how to train your dog. 

To book your private one to one session please either call or email Karen directly on 01276 23770 or


Vickie Cottle & Nero the Jackapoo

We had never attended any puppy training before Pup2 but found that everything was explained to us in a way that everything was achievable. Nero has been able to do everything that has been asked of her and both the trainers have been very helpful with all queries about training and about being a new puppy owner. I have noticed a huge difference in Nero at home and we look forward to the next classes. 


Fiona Biden & Buddy the Labrador

Buddy has done both Pup1 and Pup2 Classes. He has learnt some invaluable exercises such as sit lie stay and recall. The classes were definitely worth doing and I would recommend them.


Imogen Woodham & Jasper the GSHP

We have attended pup1 and Pup2 and our little Jasper has learned so much, our trainers are so calm and kind which makes training a young puppy so much less stressful!! Everything they have taught us makes total sense and 100% works! We always love attending and couldn't recommend them any more highly!!

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