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Canine kids run Puppy Socialisation Classes and Dog Training in Camberley. All classes are run by Professional Behaviour Councellor Karen Lockey-Kennedy and her team of APDT Instructors. Classes have a maximum of 7 puppies with two qualified APDT Instructors. Canine kids use the most modern scientific methods of training. We combine reward based training with an extensive understanding of canine behaviour, learning theory and psychology.

Pup1 Puppy Socialisation Classes - 8 to 18 weeks

Canine kids run Puppy Socialisation and dog training in Camberley every Wednesday evening. Classes are designed to provide you and your puppy with controlled socialisation, basic training and problem prevention during your puppies critical period of development. The Pup1 classes are soley for puppies 18 weeks and under.
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Pup2 Intermediate Training

Pup2 is an intermediate level of training for you and your puppy, designed to prepare you for the adolescent stage of your puppy's development. We focus on Impulse Control, and include stays, disctance control, leaving moving objects and how to tackle adolescent problems when they arise.
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Dog1 Beginners Dog Training - 18weeks and above

Canine kids run Dog Training Classes for older dogs aswell as Puppy Classes. Ck Dog1 is designed for pups and dogs over 18 weeks of age. Ideal for late starters, rescue dogs and adult training. Classes run in our Camberley on Wednesday evenings and include all basic training, adolescent issues, and problem prevention.
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St Martins Church Hall, Upper College Ride, Camberley

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Contolled Off Lead Socialising
Designed specifically for puppies 18 weeks and under
Kind, Fair and Effective Training
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Spot early behaviour problems
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