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Welcoming Puppy Training Classes In Farnham, Surrey

Puppies should ideally begin puppy training classes as early as 8 weeks of age.

In the long run, attending classes can save you significant amounts of stress. You won't have to worry about your puppy chewing up items in your home, causing problems with other people and dogs, and aggressive behaviour.

A poorly behaved dog is unpleasant to live with, but, not only that, when a dog doesn't know the rules, they also experience significant levels of stress. They might also be fearful of unfamiliar situations and therefore experience high levels of anxiety.

WIth our clicker training in Farnham, Surrey you'll enjoy speedy results.

Canine Kids can produce results in the space of only 4 weeks, and only ever use reward-based methods.

Our courses are specially designed for puppies 18 weeks and under, which is a critical period of development.


Socialisation is crucial during this part of a dog's life; it's when their brain is like a sponge and they're constantly picking behaviour up.

Train your puppy early and you'll reap the rewards from the start.

During our training classes in Surrey, you will learn the basics including how to stop unwanted behaviours such as biting, jumping up and stealing.

Find out more about our puppy socialisation classes or contact our team for more details.

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