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Reward Based Puppy Socialisation Classes In Surrey

Socialising your puppy is a crucial process for any dog owner. Just like with a human being, if a dog isn't socialised early, it causes all sorts of problems down the road.

Fortunately, the process doesn't have to be complicated: in fact, with our puppy socialisation classes in Surrey, it can be great fun, and help connect you with other people from across the local community.

Puppy socialisation is important for a number of reasons, including:

  • The fact it leads to fewer behavioural issues, including preventing aggression that arises when a dog is stressed.

  • It makes walking your dog and having guests over a more enjoyable experience. Your dog won't be fearful of unfamiliar people or other dogs. It helps them overcome any phobias they might.

  • Our puppy socialisation classes in Surrey will help your dog grow up to be happy and confident in all kinds of situations.

Positive reward-based training is now recognised to be the best and most effective. This is always the approach we take at Canine Kids, with our team never using dominance training.

A puppy's socialisation period can start from as early as 4 weeks, and it's important to get training in as soon as possible. However, we also have dog training for older dogs.

Find out more about our dog training classes in Surrey or contact our friendly team today.

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