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Puppy Training

Essentials for puppy development

for pups up to 18 weeks

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Vet Recommended

Puppy Training Course 

Socialisation, training & problem prevention

Pup1 - Foundation Level - For puppies up to 18 weeks

Cost: £86.00 4 week course

This educational Puppy training course is developed to provide families with all the essential skills needed for your puppy's early development. The course focuses on training life skills essential for their early development, along with opportunity for some controlled social interaction with other puppies. In addition we address some of the common puppy problems. Caninekids only use science based, reward training methods, with no force, shouting or aversive punishment.  

We have a maximum of 5 pups in a class with 2 instructors and we pride ourselves on the standard of our class environment. The benefit of attending a training class run by a behaviourist is that we are always assessing body language and behaviour and strive to spot, prevent and resolve problems early. Our small class size, along with careful management of the room provides a calm, relaxed environment like no other, for you and your puppy to learn in resulting in fast results in only 4 weeks! Attending puppy training classes is an ideal environment for your puppy to learn to be calm and focused with high distraction levels preparing them for life.

What will you and your puppy learn?

- How to be handled (for health, grooming, toweling etc)

- Focus and attention 

- Sits & Downs

- Stop Puppy Biting

- Stay

- Come when called

- Walking to heal

- Stop Jumping up and sit to greet

- Leave items when asked

- How to respond to stealing

- Toy play and drop

Puppy Socials 

Socialise play & explore

For puppies up to 15 weeks

Venue: Seale Village Hall, Farnham

Time: Sunday Mornings

Cost: £20.00 per single session


Puppy Home Visits

One to one, training & problem solving

Cost: £85.00 1hr-11/2hrs session

Package: £225.00 for a course of 3


"A delight to attend"

“Superbly researched, tested, and structured puppy training. Karen and Sarah make the classes a delight to attend passing on their knowledge at every opportunity. I have trained two collies with them in the last 5 years and very much advocate their method.”

Brian Herbert & Rosie the Border Collie


"Patient, gentle & Supportive Instructors"

“These guys are fantastic! Karen and Sarah are patient, gentle, supportive and their training is brilliant! All positive treat based.. small classes, explanations and loads of practice. Always there to answer questions. Couldn't rate more highly.”

Lucy Rowes & Edith the Cocker Spaniel


"Everyday Skills"

“These lessons have been invaluable to train our rescue puppy. The skill staught have been useful in everyday life and all sorts of situations. Karen and her team are great trainers and I would highly recommend!”

Pippa Needs & Indie the Rescue Pup

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