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Puppy Socialisation: Why It Matters, And How Our Team In Surrey Can Help

In order to understand how important socialising a puppy is, it helps to look at what happens without such training. 


Puppies have a critical development period (usually between 3 to 14 weeks of age), and if they’re not socialised, they can develop a range of behavioural problems. That includes difficulties adjusting to new environments, unfamiliar people, and other animals. 


Our puppy socialisation classes in Surrey can help avoid a host of issues, including:


  • Fear and anxiety, which often leads to aggression. Unsocialised puppies are more likely to be fearful of new experiences. Just like with people, this can lead to chronic anxiety and stress. Fearful behaviour can sometimes escalate into aggression, as the dog may perceive new situations or unfamiliar beings as threats.

  • Difficulty with training. If your furry friend hasn’t been exposed to various stimuli, they might be harder to train. That’s because they will be easily distracted or too fearful to concentrate on learning commands.

  • Poor relationships with other dogs. Our classes are great for helping puppies learn how to interact properly with other pets. Without it, they may not understand canine social cues, leading to conflicts and potential aggression during interactions.

  • A reduced quality of life. In the long-term, a lack of socialisation can reduce your dog's quality of life. They may experience ongoing stress and fear, which will impact their ability to enjoy activities that are normal for well-socialised dogs.


Where can I find puppy socialisation specialists near me?


Proper socialisation involves gently exposing puppies to a variety of people, places, sounds, and experiences in a controlled manner. Working throughout Surrey and Hampshire, we can help your dog develop into well-adjusted, confident adults who can handle the diverse situations they'll encounter throughout their lives.

Find out more about our puppy socialisation classes in Surrey. Or contact our friendly team today.

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