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Make Tails Wag With Our Dog Training In Farnham

From those ‘puppy dog’ eyes to their warm fur, our dogs are some of our best friends and comforters. They’re who cheers us up at the end of the day. They help keep us healthy by encouraging us to walk regularly. When they’re well-trained, you can take them to all kinds of places and have endless adventures. 


However, without the right training, your relationship can come under strain. The good news is that training can be fun, stimulating and engaging for both you and your dog. The bad news is that it takes time and patience. 


From puppies that chew your favourite shoes, to rescue dogs which growl at passers-by, Canine Kids can support canines from all backgrounds. Our dog training in Farnham can solve a wide range of common issues. 


Our puppy socialisation classes are designed for dogs 18 weeks and under.


All training is delivered by fully qualified and experienced behaviour specialist Karen Lockey-Kennedy and her team of APDT instructors. We always use the latest and up-to-date techniques, which are always kind and reward-based. 


Summer is a lovely time to kick-start your training. Wherever you’re based in Surrey, Canine Kids appear at many different locations in the county. Along with Farnham, we also appear at venues in Camberley, Godalming, Fleet and Guildford. 

Find out more about our dog training classes in Farnham. Or don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team for more details.

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