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Don’t Delay! Kick Off Your Dog Training In Farnham With Our Team

Ready to unlock your dog’s potential?


Canine Kids is committed to bringing out the best in every dog we meet in Surrey. We can turn your puppy from an unruly terror into a well-behaved companion. 


Many people take a lackadaisical approach to dog training, which, over time, leads to all kinds of issues.  These might include biting and chewing, jumping up at strangers, pulling on the lead, ‘little accidents’ in this house, and much more. 


Putting off training a dog is not worth the problems it causes. 


Living with a badly trained dog is highly stressful, and can even lead to people being reluctant to come visit your home. It can also lead to the destruction of everything from shoes and cushions to furniture. In the long-term, not investing in their training can end up costing more!


Our training classes in Farnham help bring up happier, more confident dogs. 


Without the right training, your dog can not only end up badly behaved, but fearful and lacking in confidence. Ideally, training should start as early as possible. However, if you’ve welcomed an older dog to your household, it’s still possible to have them trained- it might just take slightly longer to change their behaviour. 


With our small classes in Farnham, your dog will enjoy plenty of one-on-one attention. 

For more about our professional dog training in Farnham, contact our friendly team today.

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