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Trusted Dog Trainers For Owners In Surrey And Hampshire

How easy it is to train a dog depends on various factors, including their breed. That’s because you’re working with their natural instincts, along with those which were bred into them. However, it will also depend greatly on their individual personality. 


In any case, dog training involves patience, consistency and positive reinforcement. Here at Canine Kids we deliver training for pooches of all sizes, breeds and personalities. No matter where you’re based in Surrey or Hampshire, we would love to support your journey this summer.


So, which dogs are considered most tricky to train?


Firstly, there’s the Afghan Hound, which is known for being independent and aloof. They tend to have their own ideas about matters, which can also make them charming but not the easiest to train!


Then there’s Basenjis, which are often described as ‘cat-like’ thanks to being highly independent. Bulldogs can also be stubborn, but they simply like to do things at their own pace. You might need slightly more patience with this breed. 


The Chow Chow can also be a difficult character, so they require firm, consistent training. 

The ever-popular Dachshund can also be surprisingly stubborn and independent. 


Other breeds that often appear on such lists include Jack Russell Terriers, which are highly intelligent but strong-willed. The same goes for Siberian Huskies, Scottish Terriers and Shiba Inu. 


Remember, even breeds that are considered more difficult to train can become well-behaved and obedient pets. Our classes in Surrey deliver the best training techniques and can help keep you motivated.

Find out more about our dog training in Hampshire and Surrey. Or drop us a line for more information.

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