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What Choose Us For Your Dog Training In Farnham?

Training a dog doesn't have to be a long and laborious process. In fact, it's often highly enjoyable for both you and your dog. It also gives you the chance to meet other dog owners, which is always great fun!

If you're based in Surrey and looking to start this process, Canine Kids looks to be your leading choice training of dogs of all ages and breeds. Our work includes puppy socialisation training that is crucial during the early stages of a dog's life and sets the foundation for further training.

Are you a first-time dog owner or have a particularly troublesome puppy?

Canine Kids love helping people train their dog to the finest standards, ensuring you have a strong relationship that lasts their entire life. Using reward-based methods, including clicker training, we teach dogs in small sized groups to ensure as much individual attention as possible.

Canine Kids is also available for one-to-one training that's ideal if you want it to take place in your own home in Farnham, Surrey. Whether you need help with toilet training or want to teach your dog complex tricks, we work closely with you to meet your goals.

If you're looking for dog training experts in Farnham, find out more about Canine Kids today.

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