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Prevent Behavioural Problems With Our Puppy Socialisation Specialists

Want to teach your puppy the basics, like sit and stay? Do you also want to prevent common problems like biting and pulling on the lead?

Attracting dog owners from across Surrey and Hampshire, our puppy socialisation classes are a brilliant way to start your training. They'll not only teach the basics, but prevent common issues from developing in the future.

Classes can be started as soon as possible, and we're always happy to offer advice on house training problems.

Our puppy socialisation sessions in Surrey and Hampshire are designed for puppies aged 18 months and under. Providing your puppy has been vaccinated and you have permission from their vet to socialise with other vaccinated dogs, we would love to welcome you.

What kind of training do we deliver?

Modern, kind and effective methods of training are the name of our game. We use both click training and our in-depth understanding of learning theory, dog behaviour and psychology to train your puppy.

Classes that are enjoyable for both you and your puppy.

We will never use out-dated, cruel methods like choke chains or shouting. Working with your puppy rather than against them is much more effective. Whichever venue you choose in Surrey or Hampshire, Canine Kids only ever use kind techniques.

Find out more about our puppy socialisation specialists or contact our friendly team today.

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