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Wondering ‘Where To Book Dog Training Near Me’ In Surrey?

Although dog training can be highly rewarding, it’s not always easy. If you need experts to support your journey in Surrey, Canine Kids is always here to help. 


There are a number of issues that dog owners run into during this process. One of the most common is being inconsistent, with different members of a householding giving varying commands. This can be extremely confusing for your furry friend and mean they fail to pick up the messages. 


Our dog training classes in Surrey and Hampshire can help teach everyone to deliver consistent commands and rules. 


A lack of patience can also be an issue, especially for young children. Dogs need time to learn and understand commands. Impatience can lead to frustration for both you and your pet. It’s vital to celebrate those small victories, and remember that dog training is a gradual process!


Canine Kids specialise in reward-based training in Surrey, ensuring that dogs enjoy a fun experience. 


Avoiding negative reinforcement is crucial, because harsh punishments can create fear and anxiety, making training more difficult. We teach using positive reinforcement like treats, praise and toys to encourage good behaviour.


Another mistake is making training sessions too long. This can lead to boredom and fatigue, making your dog less responsive. We always keep our lessons to the right length. 


Training in an environment with many distractions can make it hard for the dog to focus.

Canine Kids encourage a relaxed environment and gradually introduce distractions as the dog becomes more proficient.


Another issue that crops up often is a lack of socialisation.


Dogs that are not properly socialised may become fearful or aggressive in new situations.

Our puppy socialisation classes are ideal for gradually exposing your dog to various people, animals and environments in a controlled manner.

If you’re looking for dog training near you in Surrey, simply get in touch for more details.

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